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Here are a few recommendations from clients who used Prime Marine as contractors on pile cutting and decommissioning projects. Additional references and referrals available upon request.

"...Prime Marine’s customer service was above and beyond what we typically see with equipment vendors. Prime Marine minimized any idle equipment cost by responding immediately to service calls..."

Raymond F Hagen
SR Project Manager
American Bridge Company
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"...The Prime Pipe Cutter Shears provided excellent service and performed about 100 cuts of the 250 cuts on the NW Hutton jacket removal. For many cuts it was the tool of choice for jacket tubular members in the range 0.3 to 1.0 metre (12" - 40") diameter. 

From NW Hutton experience, BP would endorse the use of Prime Pipe Cutter Shears or a future decommissioning project..."

Eamon Sheehan
BP Project Manager, NW Hutton
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"...We found the process of shearing the many layers of conductors during our well head work that the Prime shears are invaluable. The speed and efficiency of the shears cutting multi string, cement filled annulus conductors, is unmatched in the industry.

Moreover, all the Prime operators were quick thinkers and experienced in their field of operation. I admire their accomplishments and believe that they have the intellectual and moral qualifications, the persistence, and the dedication Pioneer is looking for on all of their projects."

John Pry
Operation Manager - Gulf of Mexico
Pioneer Natural Resources
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