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About Us

Prime Marine Services, Inc. is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the patented Prime Pile and Pipe Cutter.  This revolutionary cold cut technology has an undeniable 100% proven success rate on all cutting projects. With proven severance solutions for platforms, pipelines, structures and custom applications, Prime Marine Services, Inc. is the "Global Leader" for both the pile and pipe cutting and crushing industries.

pile cutter equipment

As the industry leader and OEM, Prime Marine Services, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing the most powerful, most efficient and safest prime hydraulic cutting shears on the market for decommissioning on land, offshore or construction projects.

Located in Broussard, Louisiana, Prime Marine Services, Inc. was founded in 2004 by owner Leon Trudeau, who invented the Prime Pile Cutter – our revolutionary cold cutting technology that has become the foremost equipment in the cutting and crushing industry. This technology provides versatility and efficiency in a safe and environmentally friendly manner – while also saving our customers time and money. The success of our pile cutting technology is absolutely undeniable – as proven by our 100% success rate on all cutting projects.

Prime Marine Services, Inc. manufactures its own patented prime hydraulic cutting shears for retail sales and rentals to a worldwide market for numerous industries.  With a fleet of five models, Prime Marine Services, Inc. is capable of shearing 6" to 70" material.

We also offer a dedicated team of experienced professionals who provide our customers with the expertise needed to successfully complete offshore decommissioning and pipe cutting projects. In addition, we offer services and equipment including rental barges for inland projects and TOYO pumps for dredging and excavating projects.

At Prime Marine Services, Inc. we put safety first. We provide ourselves in the continued up-to-date education and evolution of safety protocol in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances on any project. Our top priority is to address all safety issues by providing our customers with the most effective and proficient solutions which will have a successful outcome for any project. 

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the successful and safe solutions that we can provide for your business.