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Concrete Pile Cutter | Offshore Pile Cutter | Pipe Cutting | Offshore Platform Demolition

Offshore decommissioning and pipeline decommissioning both present unique cost and safety issues when there is the risk of explosion from combustible gases.

Offshore cutting and dismantling is a requirement of offshore decommissioning work on oil and gas platforms. Any offshore and pipeline cutting operation must be approached with the highest degree of care and safety due to the highly volatile nature of oil and gas and the potential dangers associated with working in such an environment.

Subsea infrastructures also play an integral part in the special challenges associated with the equipment needed for cost effective, safety driven offshore cutting and dismantling. Pipe Cutting and dismantling above and below water can be a hazardous, labor intensive job without the right equipment.

Prime Marine Inc. has the right equipment to address these challenges, The Prime Pile Cutter. The Prime Pile Cutter provides an incomparable alternative to conventional cutting solutions.

The Prime Pile Cutter Cold Cutting Advantages:

One blade working from one side completes the cutting action and offers an ability to work in confined areas and underwater.

No more hazardous blasting or jack hammers and far less noise. Prime Marine Inc. provides safe solutions for your job site and work crew.

Eliminates the need for equipment including jack hammers, air compressors, blasting equipment, cutting torches, and diamond saw cutting.

Excellence Offshore

  1. Simplicity – Cutter, hose bundle and power pack are basic components required for the cutting operation.
  2. Safety – No hazardous explosives; more efficient use of divers.
  3. Productivity – Once the hydraulic cutter is positioned, the cut can be made in a timely fashion.
  4. Versatility – Cuts can be made above or below water, in any angle or position, vertical or horizontal. Capable of cutting single or multi-string conductors, grouted and non-grouted.
  5. Economical - Reduce barge and service equipment time, faster cutting time, less personnel required for the cutting operation.